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Kenneth Reich Strategic Consulting

Kenneth Reich has a wealth of experience and contacts in the public and private sector and academia that he brings to bear in consulting with clients on strategies and options to deal with problems and opportunities, beyond pure legal solutions. 

 As a result of his tenure at the Department of Justice, which included advising and representing EPA, the Department of the Interior and other federal agencies, he understands the perspective of regulators and what approaches are more likely to work in dealing with them, and what approaches are not likely to work.  

Because of his substantial involvement with environmental and energy issues and with a myriad of stakeholders over his career, Mr. Reich counsels clients on the likely impact on their business and planned projects of present and prospective regulatory developments, the potential for public support or opposition and strategies for making prudent decisions in a sea of uncertainties. 

Mr. Reich thinks out of the box and brings a fresh perspective to a client contemplating a new course of action or evaluating its present situation, whether the matter is resource planning or litigation management. 

As an adjunct law professor who has taught environmental law and energy law, Mr. Reich stays current with the latest developments and thinking in those fields and draws on that knowledge to the benefit of his clients. 

Through his general experience as a litigator and negotiator as well as particular experience representing clients in mediation and serving as a mediator, Mr. Reich can provide a second opinion to a client on how to resolve seemingly intractable litigation and on the merits and risks of existing or contemplated litigation. 

Mr. Reich has a network of colleagues in the environmental, energy, financial, tax and government relations fields whose specific services he can make available to his clients. 

Mr. Reich’s consulting practice is separate from his legal practice and is billed on a different basis.