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Regarding the Supreme Court’s acceptance of certiorari on this issue:

Unfortunately but predictably, the issue of where to draw the line on federal jurisdiction of the "waters of the U.S." has been a political football for decades. Now the Supreme Court is set to consider whether groundwater can be considered a conduit for pollutants into waters of the U.S., an issue that has split the circuit courts… 2019

Two Circuit Courts of Appeals Have Held that Discharges of Pollutants Through Groundwater to Waters of the US Are Covered by the Clean Water Act, April, 2018

Recent Articles

"Coping with the Uncertainties of Mercury Regulation" (Power Engineering, September 2006)

"Turning Brown into Green: How Developers Limit Liability" (Banker & Tradesman, July 2006)

"Selected Tips for Paying Attention to Details in Legal Writing in the Electronic Age", Massachusetts Law Office Assistance Program

Recent Speaking Engagements

"A Few Things You've Always Wanted to Know About Federal Environmental Regulations But Were Afraid to Ask". Annual Meeting of the Oklahoma Assn. of Electric Cooperatives, Oklahoma City, November 12, 2012

Spoke on general topic of major environmental permitting issues in development of power plants. Legal Seminar Conference, National Rural Electric Cooperative Association, 2005, 2006 and 2008.  Submitted materials for the 2009 Conference 

Spoke on traditional and alternative energy issues. 2008 CleanTech Conference, Boston, MA

Moderated a panel on innovative energy projects. Green Innovation Venture Capital Summit (Opal Financial), Scottsdale, AR 2008.  


Recently Quoted In

"Justice Kennedy's Replacement Could Help Gut or Narrow Carbon Rules", K. Silverstein, Forbes, July 4, 2018


"Are Trump's Energy Policies Enlightened Or Anchored To A Bygone Era?", Ken Silverstein, Forbes, June 11, 2018


"The politics of carbon", K. Silverstein, Public Utilities Fortnightly, October 2014


Book Chapters

"Massachusetts Clean Air Act", Massachusetts Environmental Law (MCLE, several editions)

"Developments in Criminal and Civil Enforcement under Key Environmental Statutes", Environmental Risk Management—A Desk Reference, ed. by E. Rothenberg and D. Telego (RTM Communications, Inc., 1991)